Advanced Metal Braces


Braces are a common treatment option utilized at North Okanagan Orthodontics. They are temporarily bonded onto the cheek-side of the teeth and are used for the correction of a variety of bites. Both metal and clear braces are an option at our office. These advanced technology braces and wires are known as a “self-ligating” system, which apply gentle, continuous forces to your teeth.

Our doctors and team provide treatment with braces using the most up to date and sophisticated braces technology from American Orthodontics® and LightForce®. They are small in size, manufactured with high precision, and allow for efficient and quick insertion, adjustment, and removal of wires.

We offer the traditional metal-type braces and clear braces that deliver an aesthetic enhancement during treatment. These LightForce® clear braces are the world’s first 3D printed braces that are specifically designed and customized for each individual patient and offers a more aesthetic and discreet treatment option.

Natural Smile

A more natural, aesthetically pleasing smile is our goal for all patients.

Low Force & Friction

A healthier and more natural way to move teeth.

Precise & Effective

Enhancing your smile aesthetics and bite function, reducing the need for complicated procedures like extractions.


Designed with patient comfort in mind with braces being smaller, more discreet and easy to clean.

Advanced Self-Ligating Braces System

Orthodontic treatment for adults

Orthodontic treatment can be successful at any age. Adults especially appreciate the benefits of a beautiful smile and an improved bite. It is a misconception that orthodontic treatment is mainly for teenagers. According to the Canadian Association of Orthodontists, 1 in 5 orthodontic patients is over the age of 21. There is an increasing number of adults who are seeking treatment since more are understanding the importance of maintaining their oral health and have a desire to attain the best possible smile.

There are many reasons that adults consider orthodontic treatment including: having a more confident smile; improving the function of the bite; relieving the pressure or abnormal jaw discomfort caused by crooked teeth; alleviating uncomfortable bite caused by teeth that do not fit together well; and correcting teeth that are too spaced apart or too crowded, which often causes tooth decay and gum disease.

Why consider treatment as an adult?

Untreated malalignment of teeth and bites can continue to worsen over time. This can cause long-term health problems that will lead to more dental care and costs in the future. Crooked teeth and a bad bite can contribute to gum and bone loss, higher risk for tooth decay, and accelerated wear of the tooth enamel and tooth surfaces. The most significant health benefit for straightening teeth with orthodontics at any age is to facilitate easier home care and maintenance as it’s much easier to brush and floss aligned teeth. Orthodontic treatment can also help boost your overall self-confidence, allowing you the freedom to smile without holding back and leading to an improved quality of life.

We recognize that adults and children often have different needs and require different levels of attention and care. We will work closely with you to ensure you receive the best possible treatment options that addresses your concerns and maximizes your treatment success. At North Okanagan Orthodontics, we may discuss both surgical and non-surgical treatment options when we see adults with severe bite and jaw discrepancies who no longer have significant growth potential. However, we recognize that many patients may not be interested in jaw surgery, so we try our best to offer non-surgical options to achieve as much improvement as possible.

Difference between adult treatment and treatment for children

The main difference between children and adult treatment is that younger patient’s  jaws are still growing. In adults, these bones have completed their growth, meaning that growth cannot be used to accomplish orthodontic treatment objectives. In some cases, if the upper and lower jaws have a significant size or position discrepancy, orthognathic surgery may be required to align the bite and jaws for ideal results.

Other than bite or teeth malalignment, adults may seek treatment to correct other issues. Adults are more likely than children to experience bone loss and gum recession (periodontitis). Patients who have straighter teeth are less likely to experience gum disease and bone loss. Missing or worn-down teeth is another reason that adults seek treatment. Over time, teeth may shift or become worn-down, leading to movement into unwanted positions that can only be fixed with orthodontic treatment. Missing teeth can cause neighbouring teeth to tilt and shift, increasing the risk of gum disease, bone loss, and uncomfortable bites. Orthodontics is most often required prior to tooth replacement and restorative procedures (like bridges, browns and implants) to maximize their success and prognosis.

Not to worry, braces for teens are not nearly as scary as you may think. In fact, braces come in a variety of styles, materials and colours, making life with braces much easier, more comfortable, and even more stylish than before. In some orthodontic cases for teens, we are able to achieve great results with clear aligners (Invisalign) as well! Most patients are candidates for both and we are happy to provide you with the differences of either option so that you can make the best choice that best suits your lifestyle.

Why do I need orthodontic treatment?

Orthodontic treatment is a big part of life for many people in their teenage years of life. While braces may have had a bad reputation in the past, today’s braces and other treatment options like clear aligners make it easy to look good and feel good while in treatment! Improving your smile and bite is one of the most valuable investments you can make to improve your overall appearance, self-image and oral health for a lifetime.

Benefits of orthodontic treatment

  • Straighter teeth are easier to clean and therefore less likely to have dental decay.
  • Ideally positioned teeth and healthy bites decrease the risk of gum inflammation, recession and bone loss.
  • Improved biting and chewing function and food digestion.
  • Well-aligned teeth and bites are at lower risk for future chipping and wear of tooth enamel.
  • Improved overall dental health and reducing the amount of potential dental work needed in the future.
  • A healthy and stable bite places less strain and stress on the muscles and jaw joints.
  • Improved speech articulation.
  • Improved aesthetics and appearance of your smile leading to improved self-confidence, self-acceptance and overall well-being.

Good dental health begins early

The Canadian Dental Association recommends that a child first visits the family dentist or a pediatric dentist at an early age, this can help detect and prevent problems as well as maintain good oral health. Another important step recommended by the Canadian and American Association of Orthodontics is for your child’s first visit to the orthodontist at around age 7. Whether an orthodontic problem is detected or not, this visit will allow the orthodontic specialist to detect any issues that may benefit from early orthodontic treatment or to monitor growth and development of the teeth and jaws. It may surprise you that it is recommended your child is seen at such an early age since orthodontic treatment is usually associated with adolescence.  Treatment may not start at this time, but visiting an orthodontist early is important to ensure that your child receives maximum dental health and helps to plan for their future window of time for optimal orthodontic treatment.

Your child may benefit from an early orthodontic examination if any of the following signs are present:

  • Crowding or misplaced teeth
  • Blocked or teeth that are stuck
  • Crossbite or underbite development
  • Shifting of the lower jaw while biting
  • Difficulty in chewing
  • Early loss or late loss of primary teeth
  • Finger sucking or other non-nutritive oral habits

Our orthodontists at North Okanagan Orthodontics will customize a treatment plan if early orthodontic treatment is determined to be beneficial and recommended for your child. Otherwise, our orthodontists will continue monitoring your child’s dental growth with continued complimentary visits.

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